Wehrtechnik Defence

System Safety in Defense

Since the 1990s, the size of the defense forces in Europe and NATO members is steadily declining and recently an increase of the defence budgets and power is sought. This evolution in troop levels is changing the systems deployed. In addition, the demographic trend in Europe suggests that the degree of networking and automation in modern defense systems is continually increasing.

Embedded systems and the associated software enable more and more functions such as the direct control of weapon systems from command systems or the use of drones, which thereby increasingly assume safety-critical tasks. The functional safety of these very complex systems (systems-of-systems) is often a challenge for the contracting authority and the manufacturing industry. The tailor-made implementation of recognized safety standards in the development of such systems is of crucial importance. The technical focus is on standards such as

  • DIN EN 61508 (1st and 2nd Edition)
  • MIL STD 882 (all variants)
  • DO-178 (B,C) / DO-254 / DO-297
  • DefStd 00-55/00-56

AVQ Services

Engineering Services:

  • Compliance analysis
  • V-model based systems engineering
  • Strategic and Management Consulting
  • System Specifications
  • Requirements Management
  • Safety Management: H&R, FMEA
  • Architecture Definition HW & SW
  • System Modelling
  • Safety Critical Control Systems
  • Power-train development and design
  • Components and systems development
  • Components and integration
  • Systems testing and validation
  • Compliance / certification support