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Functional Safety - Automotive

Consulting ISO 26262

The controllability of the error potential of complex safety-relevant systems requires a stringent development approach. In addition to development know-how, it is particularly important to generate supplementary safety processes and to integrate them into the project structure and corporate culture.
The consulting services cover the entire spectrum of functional safety. Our offer covers all phases of development, from the concept phase to production and finally decommissioning.
We offer support in the development of process and organizational structures (FSM), in hardware, software and system development up to integration in the overall product. We support you throughout the entire safety lifecycle.
You benefit from the competence and many years of experience of our consulting team as well as the know-how of our employees from the various industrial sectors such as automotive, industry, automation, machine safety, aerospace etc.


Safety Analysis

Performing safety analyzes is essential when developing a safety-related system. They provide valuable results for the entire development process. Possible outcomes include, for example, identifying errors and their causes, as well as potential vulnerabilities and their impact on the security objective. Our analytics experts support you with know-how and methods.
The applied analysis method will be selected and adapted project-specifically with regard to its suitability to achieve the best analysis results. Thus, it is possible to take into account the specificities of the system in the relevant phases of the safety lifecycle. We support you in all aspects of safety analysis.

Deliverables and Support

Safety consulting

  • Implementation of safety requirements in existing development processes
  • Safety Management
  • Creation of safety concepts
  • Safety specification of SW and HW
  • Interface management customer and supplier
  • Safety case and assistance with assessment
  • Pre-Assessments, Reviews and Verification


  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Impact Analysis)
  • FMEDA (Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostics Analysis)
  • FTA (fault tree analysis)
  • Markov analysis
  • HAZOP analysis
  • ETA (event tree analysis)