Safety-relevante Software-Entwicklung nach ISO 26262 Safety related SW-Development in Automotive

Safety-related software development in practice

  • Methodologies for ISO26262 in practice
  • Live the software life cycle properly
  • For software developers and safety engineers


  • Terms and definitions (ISO 26262-6)
  • SW Safety Life Cycle
    • presentation
    • exercise
  • Software development plan
    • Interface Safety Plan
    • Project plan and Q-plan
  • Software verification plan
  • Safety Engineer Vs. Software development
  • Model-based development and tool qualification
  • Coding Guidelines (eg MISRA C 2012)
  • Software safety specification
  • Software Architecture and Sw Unit Design
  • SW integration and test
  • Test equipment, EOL test and operation of safety-related parts and systems
  • SW Safety Standards in various industries (automotive, aerospace, medical, machinery)


2 days